See This Ghost Car Going Through A Traffic Light Caught On Dash Cam – You Will Not Believe This

ghost car red light

See This Ghost Car Going Through A Traffic Light Caught On Dash Cam – You Will Not Believe This

If you are playing GTA and you suddenly decide to cheat, you could enter a code and get a car. The car just falls from the sky and appears in the middle of the street. The video that we are going to show you is not related to GTA. It’s a real one and the footage is coming from a dash cam. It all took place in Russia while cars are going trough a traffic light. At first sight, everything seems normal – it’s green and time to move on. Then while turning left you will see the front car suddenly stops because of another vehicle passing by.

The guy who filmed it made some speed corrections and plays the video a couple more times using a slow motion feature. We know that this was filmed in Russia where everyone is drunk and this might be related to the dash cams as well. The ghost car looks like a Mercedes C class crossing the road at red light, BUT it is clearly visible that the driver in this Mercedes is missing.

If that was a real ghost car then except its invisible driver could drive straight and turn his lights, he / she is supposed to learn what is a traffic light and what he / she is supposed to do at it. There is another explanation here – optical illusion. Basically this is also called visual illusion and represents visually perceived images that differ from the objective reality. We might be wrong but that’s the other side of the story here.


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This might a driver who just ran a red light. The car definitely came from somewhere but the driver is missing. This might be Doc and Marty who just have returned fresh from the future. If that’s not the case then we should think of something like a red light runner. When watching the video in slow motion we will notice that there was a reaction time which means that the car was there but it was not visible from the dash cam because of the angle.

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