See This Insane Volvo Crawler Excavator Working Edge Of Cliff

Volvo crawler excavator working edge of cliff

See This Insane Volvo Crawler Excavator Working Edge Of Cliff

Today we are going to watch a video featuring an excavator working edge of cliff. The operator seems to have balls of steel for doing this. He is working right on the edge and we guess that this man is paid really well for doing his job. The machine in the video is a Volvo excavator. These huge machines are basically a boom, stick, bucket and cab. All these elements are attached to a rotating platform. The platform is known as the ‘house’. There are two types of excavators – machines running on wheels and machines running on tracks. All the movements here and the functions are achieved from the use of hydraulic fluid.

These machines are also knowns as hydraulic excavator – besides the hydraulic fluid we have a whole system featuring hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. If you are aware of cable-operated excavators you should know that operating a hydraulic excavator is totally different from dealing with a cable-operated one. The reason is the linear actuation of the hydraulic cylinders. The excavator from the video that you are going to watch on our next page is the so called ‘crawler’. Volvo manufactures these machines for the biggest mining, road building, quarrying and other general construction works.

Volvo claims that their crawler excavators feature a superstructure and simplified service intervals. This way the Volvo crawlers are ready for long working tasks. Inside it’s super modern – LCD displays, multi-adjustable seat, cameras to see what’s going around and a simple joystick.

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There is an additional system that takes care to keep the operator informed about the environment.

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