See The Ultimate Premium Storage Solution – The CarCapsule Showcase

Showcase by CarCapsule

See The Ultimate Premium Storage Solution – The CarCapsule Showcase

CarCapsule is company focused on constructing and building solutions for car storage. Their latest project was to provide the ultimate storage solutions for car enthusiasts worldwide. The name of the project is CarCapsule Showcase. It is actually an ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter. That is the next step in the evolution of CarCapsule technology. The battle between the companies worldwide is though and the it is still a matter of time one of these companies to provide the best possible vehicle storage solution. At this point it seems that CarCapsule built the perfect “Touchless” car storage product. Actually the storage capsule never touches the vehicle.

Here comes the question – what is basically the protection that this product provides. In a few words the latest CarCapsule’s product protects any vehicle from corrosion, mildew, dings, dust, dirt, musty doors and pests. You could see the Showcase rising from the ground when you inflate its heavy duty and resistant inflatable air columns. The front part features a panel that zips open and could be rolled away. This way you could easily get in or out your ride. The side panels of Showcase zip open as well. If you need to fully open your door, this is the way you could do it while your vehicle is inside the Showcase. Sounds nice. On the top of that the air inside the capsule is changed with filtered outside air 3-5 times every hour.

This is due to the Evaporative Storage System (E.S.S.) technology. This is how the temperature inside is kept consistent with the temperature outside.

2016 Shelby F150

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The floor is covered with 0.45 mil PVC and is resistant to oil, gas and antifreeze.

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