Slick Tire Slow Motion Video Of A Tire Wrinkle

tire wrinkle

Slick Tire Slow Motion Video Of A Tire Wrinkle

The technology development over the past years enabled us to perform and see things that we couldn’t do few years ago. And what it good that, this action doesn’t have a stopping tendency, as it’s growing all the time. With the arrival of the slow motion cameras we can watch processes and methods that are not invisible to our naked eyes. You can find plenty of experiments all over You Tube, but what we are going to show you in the video below is a recording typical to our area of expertize.

We bet, most of you have wondered what is happening to the tires when the pedal is pushed to the metal. As they are spinning very fast, there is no way for us to see all the details and tell what is happening. For that reason, we have prepared a video for you that is going to explain all the mystery!

In the video shown, you can see in slow motion what is really happening to the tire right at the start of a drag race. The tire is getting so wrinkled that gives you the impression that is made of some other soft material! The amount of power that makes the tire act like this is simply enormous! The video basically presents a racing slick (slick tires). They got a smooth tread and are used in racing series all over the world.

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This type of tires provide the largest possible contact patch to the asphalt. This way they maximize the traction for any tire dimension. Take a look at it and feel free to tell us your impressions at the comments section below.

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