Smashed Car After This Airbag Vs Wheel Explosion Went Wrong

three airbags and wheel

Smashed Car After This Airbag Vs Wheel Explosion Went Wrong

This is definitely not the best thing you could do in a neighborhood. When you don’t have inhibitions, things like this one are about to happen. We even cannot call it a good idea at all. Putting three car airbags below a wheel and then detonate the airbags – priceless. This will totally make your day after watching it. The whole thing ended in the funniest way possible. Detonating three car airbags put underneath a stray wheel – it’s fine there is nothing that could possibly go wrong here.

Most of us would probably pick up a better place. Choosing a residential area with at least 5 houses and 12 vehicles around for firing a tire into the air doesn’t seem OK. The good thing is that no one was hurt during this action. We were hoping the wheel was going to hit the phone of the guy was filming. This way it could turn it and proceed recording horizontally. All these guys in the video, the thing they are about to do, filming a video in 60FPS and filming it vertically – things couldn’t be worse.

It’s so funny when they fired the airbags and they were like ‘Where is the wheel?’ lol. If you look all that on the funny side of the story, it’s like the car Gods just sent some free wheels. We hope that the smashed Civic on which the wheel landed is owned by someone from these guys. This might be a good example for a condom advertisement – see what happens when condoms break. Nice slogan.

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Looking at the smashed Civic and laughing so loud is not a normal behaviour. But on the other hand, we all had that moment when a friend of ours hurt himself and all the others couldn’t stop laughing. It’s just like that. In the end these guys should be thankful that no one was injured or even killed.

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