Snowmobile Vs. Jetski Watercross

snowmobile Vs. jetski

Snowmobile Vs. Jetski Watercross

In this article we are going to see what it looks like to cross a lake with snowmobile and jetski on the other hand. You have might seen a snowmobile beat a Ferrari in a drag race in another video on the Internet. This time we are going to watch a snowmobile crossing a lake over water. Pick up your favourite – snowmobile Vs jetski. This is going to be an interesting race but I am investing into the snowmobile now. In this video you will forget all physics laws as it really seems incredible. The key to success here is that you better don’t stop.

It’s hard to believe that a machine like a snowmobile could handle such a ride. First of all, it’s not designed to move on water. You better don’t try this with your Dad’s machine. We are not quite sure how you are going to explain him that his snowmobile is at the bottom of the lake. Usually, we are all used to seeing boats that float and not such machines. We are not quite sure if this thing was modified specifically for this purpose, as we always thought that a snowmobile couldn’t do such staff and on the top of that – do it so well.

This thing is called ‘water skipping’ and it all started back in 1975.

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If you still wonder which one is going to win this drag race – a snowmobile or a jetski, you could proceed and watch the video on our next page.

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