Taking It To A Whole New Level – Corvette Driver Shot For Driving Too Slowly

Corvette driver shot for driving

Taking It To A Whole New Level – Corvette Driver Shot For Driving Too Slowly

A woman was shot in DeKalb road rage accident. Police is still looking for the person who did that. The Corvette driver was shot and critically wounded in a road rage accident a couple of days ago. The female driver is now in a hospital in Atlanta. Angelina Christiano is a 44-year-old woman who was driving in the middle lane of Highway 78 (Stone Mountain Freeway) in DeKalb County around noon.

The lady was driving her yellow Chevrolet Corvette C06 with her 25-year-old son. She saw a black Ford Mustang driving very close behind her. The lady is not aware of the exact speed she was going with, but she says that everyone could pass her with easy. There was only one driver on the highway that was annoyed by the speed she was driving. Her son says that the black Mustang was following their car very closely.

The Mustang driver was driving so close that the woman felt in danger and decided to let the driver pass her. Then the worst happened. The Mustang driver didn’t just pass the yellow Corvette C06, he pulled alongside the Chevrolet and fired five rounds into the vehicle. The innocent victim was stroke in her back. After Christiano was injured she lost control of her car. In the end the woman stopped on the right shoulder of the road.

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The 44-year-old woman is now in serious to critical condition. In the same time the Mustang driver escaped and on the top of that no one managed to see his license number. The police is searching for such cars in the area and they believe that he exited on Mountain Industrial Boulevard. Beware if you live in Georgia, as there are dangerous guys living there. You could easily help the police if you notice a terrible a$$hole in a black Mustang.

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