Talking About VW’S Emissions – Check Out This Amazing GSXR Powered VW Bug Hot Rod

GSXR Powered VW Bug HotRod

Talking About VW’S Emissions – Check Out This Amazing GSXR Powered VW Bug Hot Rod

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a superbike engine inside a car? This is one amazing GSXR 1000 powered VW Hot Rod that pulls some awesome drifts. This vehicle is built from the team at Hudlow Axle in Georgia and we have to admit that the result is one really crazy creation. The car even got a name – ‘Chopped Bug’. It weighs only 1,200 lbs and is powered by a Suzuki GSXR 1000 engine that outputs 185 horsepower. The ride is fully custom built featuring a 6-speed manual transmission and of course it’s a right hand drive car.

When you are about to build a publicity stunt car, you should be doing it in the right way. Now you will have the chance to meet the Hudlow Axle ’67 VW Beetle Hot Rod. The company and its owner Steve are specialised in manufacturing custom axles and drive shafts for racing cars, trucks and custom projects. Their creation features a custom built 2wd Cherokee front axle and sidekick rear axle. The list with modifications here is really long, so we are going to stop and mention only a few of them.

The guys simply cut a ’67 Beetle shell in order to create a hot rod silhouette. They added the GSXR engine in the front part of the vehicle, fitted a custom built airbag suspension and put some outboard wheels to finalize the exterior. The engine is slightly modified and tuned to the final 185 horsepower. This 1000ccs 4-cylinder engine is red lined at 10,800 RPM. In a combination with the light chassis and the close-ratio manual transmission this thing sounds insane. It’s an old-fashioned ride that sounds like a space ship out of Star Wars.

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The Beetle is actually an interesting choice that Hudlow Axle took. The car is built with more than 21 million examples from 1938 to 2003. It’s an amazing car and it was one of the first with a rear engine. There is one negative thing about this car – the neighbours will love this guy for sure when he starts it early in the morning. Besides that, the team did a great job. It really takes someone very skilful to create a car like this. Most of you would say – a superbike engine under the hood, that’s cute. You should pay more attention to the details and the engineering that went into this ‘Chopped Bug’.

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