Terrific Close Call – Operator Narrowly Escapes the Death After Demolition Goes Wrong

excavator demolition fail

Terrific Close Call – Operator Narrowly Escapes the Death After Demolition Goes Wrong

Be careful when involved in such experiments. The initial plan was to bring down an old smokestack with dynamite. Unfortunately, the whole operation failed. The dynamite wasn’t enough to bring down the smokestack. This is why a worker got in an excavator and drove it to try to finish off the job. In situations like this you don’t know where the structure will go down. In this case the guy was able to finish the job and brought the smokestack down. The bad thing here is that he brought the structure down right on top of him. We call this an extremely close call.

In a few words we have the following situation in the video on our next page – a smokestack demolition falls on excavator. The operator of the tractor narrowly escaped the death in this extremely close call. The original definition of demolition is to tear down a structure using manual or mechanic tools, equipment or machines. A demolition of such buildings requires planning and safe equipments. In the end it should be done by professionals. When some of these requirements is missing, we have a problem. Like this case. It’s not just about the irreversible damages that may occur, it’s about the fact that these damages may cost people’s lives.

It’s not the first case when a professional operator brings down an old smokestack, but this is one of these cases where the operator of the excavator looks far from the professionalism.

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He narrowly escaped the worst that could happen in such situation and he must be so lucky to be alive.

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