Tesla Motors Got A New Name And It’s Not Trump Motors

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Tesla Motors Got A New Name And It’s Not Trump Motors

It’s official – Tesla Motors has given itself a new name. On the top of that it’s not Trump Motors. You could stop everything you are doing right now and proceed reading this article. So, what’s the new name then? Based on many sources of information and mainly according to Automotive News, the company is now called – Tesla. In the end, it’s not just Tesla, but it’s Tesla, Inc. If you wonder why they dropped the “Motors” part from the name, we have the answer here. You might be already familiar with that, but the company has been expanding its product lineup beyond cars.

Simple as that. It was 13 years since the creation of the company and it’s finally changing the tires on its brand. Tesla shortened its name to remind the people of Tesla’s ambitions to move beyond selling electric vehicles and create a sustainable energy empire. Elon Musk who is the CEO, said that the company plans to expand the vehicle gamma by adding heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport. He had an idea of developing a ride-hailing network, which could be similar to Uber. Just imagine the world in the next 10 years. Tesla could simply change it.

The company mission is not going to be just to build vehicles. The guys there could see into the future and they say that life is still good.

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If you remember – Apple did the same thing a few years ago. Apple simply dropped the ‘Computer’ from its brand and unveiled its next breakthrough product, the iPhone, two days after that.

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