Texas Chevy Dealership Targeted – Wheels From 48 Vehicles Were Stolen

chevy dealership wheels stolen

Texas Chevy Dealership Targeted – Wheels From 48 Vehicles Were Stolen

It all happened last weekend in Texas. The thieves managed to steal 48 wheels and tires of brand new vehicles from a dealership in Tyler, Texas, last weekend. All these wheels and tires are worth $200k. The incident occurred about 1am last Sunday when the security guards found most of the vehicles left on blocks with lug nuts lying all over the ground. All the information is from Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Don Martin. The thieves broke in by cutting the locks on the gates on rear. This is where all the inventory stock is kept.

According to Don Martin, the guys who broke in are definitely smart. They managed to defeat the lighting system as well. They knocked out the light bright lights in the yard back there. These lights are typically on during the night. The operation took the guys about 4 hours to steal the wheels and the tires. Surveillance video shows one box truck arriving at 1:22am. That’s the moment when a couple of guys broke in. The police cannot say for sure how many suspects they are looking for as it was to dark. In the end we have 48 cars and trucks left on the ground.

David Bates who is the general manager at Peltier Chevrolet estimated the wheels and tires at about $200k to $250k. He said that the dealership is still trying to calculate that number.

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The bad thing here is that some of the vehicles were damaged by the way they were left on blocks.

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