Texas Plumber Lost His Business After He Sold His Used Truck!

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Texas Plumber Lost His Business After He Sold His Used Truck!

A Texas plumber has filed a lawsuit against a car dealership after a used truck he sold showed up on the front lines in Syria being used by Islamist fighters. All Mark Oberholtzer wanted to do was upgrade his ride. What he got instead was a world of trouble from half a world away. The plumber claims he lost business and received hundreds of threats that accused him of being a terrorist sympathizer. He sold his company’s F-250 truck to a Ford dealer in 2013. A photo of the truck, with his Mark-1 Plumbing decals still attached, went viral, leading to thousands of harassing phone calls.

The plumber, Mark Oberholtzer, says the dealer told him that his company’s name and phone number would be removed before the sale. That never happened. According to court records, Oberholtzer had experience selling other company trucks to dealerships and was accustomed to having them take off the decals. The truck was sold at auction in Texas. In late 2014, a terrorist tweeted a picture of the truck, which ISIS had transformed into a mount for a giant anti-aircraft gun. Unfortunately for Oberholtzer, the truck still has his company’s name and phone number clearly displayed on the doors. After the picture went viral, Oberholtzer received death threats and hundreds of harassing phone calls, the lawsuit alleges. Things got so bad that he eventually shut down his business for a week.

The Texas City, Texas, plumbing company owner is suing a Ford dealership for more than $1 million in financial losses and damages to his company’s reputation.

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Oberholtzer said this wouldn’t have happened if the dealership had just removed the decals before the truck was resold.

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