That Moment When You Realize You Should Change Your Mechanic

mechanic failure

That Moment When You Realize You Should Change Your Mechanic

Being a car enthusiast you are keen on watching all kinds of absurd, and from time to time, even unbelievable videos from all kinds of different bikes, cars, trucks and everything that is moving and have wheels. Every single of those video clips are completely ridiculous, and you would think that you have seen it all, and nothing much can surprise you. Well what you are about to see is a car accidents, and you won’t believe your eyes. Of course, there is at least one mechanic involved here who is responsible for what happened.

There is always something that you haven’t seen before, and this absolutely insane accident that is happening in Russia is one of them. This is a true proof that driving foolishness never sleeps and it can happen everywhere!

We don’t know where this video is shot exactly, and you can’t figure that out from the footage too. Well the location of the place is not that significant, because what is, is so crazy, we assure you that this is something that you haven’t seen before. We won’t tell you anything else, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise that awaits you. Just take a look at the video below and later feel free to give your thoughts in the comments below!

super clean windshield

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If the driver of this old timer is actually the guy who restored it and doing the maintenance, there is on one else to blame for this fault. But if another mechanic did this great job then could be in a trouble. The car is an absolute American muscle, but either the bolts securing are made in China for the rear end or the mechanic had missed something to do that day. If you were the owner and you had spent at least $20k we doubt that you were going to laugh when all this happened.

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