The Devil Is Alive – Meet This Mean Custom Two-wheeler By BENEMOTH

Benemoth custom motorcycle

The Devil Is Alive – Meet This Mean Custom Two-wheeler By BENEMOTH

If we were supposed to pick up a bike for the ‘Ghost rider’ that would be this one. It’s one unique piece of art designed and built by the team of Benemoth. If you don’t what is ‘Benemoth’ – that is a Polish metal master team. Benemoth with the help of Game Over Cycles managed to create this notorious custom bike. The final result is one insane and mean two-wheeler

This stunning custom bike is really breath-taking and it looks like it is brought from another planet. The initial idea of Stanislaw who is the founder of Game Over Cycles, was to create something that will mix the world of motorcycles with the music world. He had something in his mind that is now a real one of a kind motorcycle. Good job!

Have you ever listened to the Benemoth’s music? If you have never listened to it, then play something and try to describe it with two words. You could use the same two words to describe the motorcycle – dark and powerful. When you see it for the first time you will pay attention on the monster rear tire. The motorcycle is painter in black matte.

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What we have to run this notorious custom bike is RevTech 110” engine installed. There is something really unique here – back air suspension. The list with amazing features is so long here that it’s better to watch the video and see all this staff.

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