The Fastest Car In The World – Bloodhound SSC Is A 1000MPH Rocket On Wheels

Bloodhound SSC

The Fastest Car In The World – Bloodhound SSC Is A 1000MPH Rocket On Wheels

Today we are going to see which is going to become the world’s fastest car. It’s a British supersonic land vehicle that was finally built after 8 years of research. During the latest years we saw a few computer-generated images, plastic show cars and artists’ impressions. A week ago the car was finally revealed to the public in London. It is 44 feet long and weighs around 7.5 tons. The total power output here is 135,000 horsepower. How do they got that power?

The pencil-shaped supersonic land vehicle is powered by a Jaguar Land Rover V8 engine – HTP pump, Rolls-Royce Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofan jet engine and a Nammo HTP hybrid rocket. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? With all that power this rocket on wheels is supposed to reach 1,050 miles per hour. This one is built to beat the land speed record by 33% that was set by wing commander Andy Green with Thrust SSC in 1997 – 763.035 MPH.

The Bloodhound SSC is all about speed. Actually, the same guy who set the previous record is going to sit behind the wheel here. Green will try to do it with the help of a team full of Thrust SSC alums – Richard Noble (team principle and former land-speed-record holder) and Ron Ayres (aerodynamics chief). The first test is scheduled to take place in early 2016. It’s going to be up to 200 MPH and will be hold on the Hakskeen Pan in the Mier area of the Northern Cape, South Africa.

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A track was created in South Africa – 11.8 miles long and 2 miles wide. If everything goes according to plan in the spring, the team will reaturn to the desert in the autumn to write a quadruple-digit speed as a new world record into the history books. Everything in this car works perfect – the rockets, the hydraulics, the pneumatics and the electronics. We shall take this very seriously as this thing is going to brake some physics rules.

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