The Look Of This Chopper Will Blow Your Mind!

monster hubless wheels chopper

The Look Of This Chopper Will Blow Your Mind!

And just when you think you have seen it all this monster hubless wheels chopper proves you wrong. Designed to leave you with your mouth open this monster on hubless wheels comes from the future. In the video that you are about to see this chopper is a real deal not just a concept chopper that waits to see the light of the day.

This chopper was designed and built by the biker boys from Amen Design. The Chopper looks amazing and it truly offers you a great ride. So how do this hubless wheels actually work. The first thing that you need to know about hubless wheels is that they are not in fact without a hub, on the contrary the hub is large as the wheel is large so the axle is hollow. They work by is placing the rotating parts such as breaking, bearings, hubless rim on the outer side of the non rotating inner ring and that is attached to the motorcycle’s swingam. There are of course some advantages like the decreased unsprung weight, less structural stress, higher braking leverage, more precise steering, decreased vibration and lower center of gravity.

They look amazing and perhaps that is the main reason why people decide to use them. Of course they also have some shortcomings such as difficult assembly and manufacturing, they are not economical and have a higher exposure.

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Since this motorcycle was designed to be ridden the complication that might occur are not so much important.

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