The Most Anticipated Street Race – 1400HP Corvette C6 Z06 Vs 1170HP Nissan SZM BLGTR 1300

Corvette vs GT-R street race

The Most Anticipated Street Race – 1400HP Corvette C6 Z06 Vs 1170HP Nissan SZM BLGTR 1300

This is going to be a tough race and a good race to watch at the same time. Two speed monster going head to head in a street race to show who is the real king of the streets there. We said speed monsters as those two cars are really heavily modified. We are going to stop by at each one of them to show their owners have under the hood. Quickly, the first one is a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the insane 1410.71 horsepower on the wheels. This means that we have over 1600 at the crank.

We could calculate easily this by accounting for a 15% drivetrain loss. On the other hand we have a Japanese beast – Nissan GT-R R35 a.k.a. SZM BLGTR 1300. This one outputs the amazing 1170 horsepower to the wheels. We are going to see if the GT-R is a God’s machine – could it be beaten by another car? To all fans who think that the GT-R is invincible – skip watching this video.

We have a couple of GoPro cameras installed on different places on both vehicles, so we could observe and feel the race. It’s one of those street race videos that bring us on the edge of our seats. It’s a race during the day on the highway – this means it’s dangerous, there are a lot of cars and the adrenaline is high. We have an over the shoulder view from the Chevy to see what it’s like to be a winner in a street race.

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We are going to say a few words about the cars, so you could get an idea how insane this street race is. Akrapovic, ERL 6.0 Sleeved Block Procharger F1X, RPMTR6060, NOS is part of the list needed to achieve easily 200+ MPH. We have some much horsepower gathered at one place – public road. We have all these with out roll cages, onboard fire extinguishers and flame suits. It’s just the cars and their drivers.

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