The Most Common Mistakes People Do When Washing Their Car

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The Most Common Mistakes People Do When Washing Their Car

You could be surprised how many people actually make those common mistakes when it comes to washing their cars. We made a list with the most seven common things that people do wrong. The first thing that came into our mind is the usage of a sponge. The sponges are actually the devil when we talk about washing cars. All the swirlmarks that you could see when the sun is shining on your car are caused by the sponges. The reason is that their surface is flat. This way small bits of grit get stuck while washing your car and then when you are rubbing all over the vehicle and damage the paintwork.

We suggest you start using a wash mit. The second thing is to use only one bucket. We talk about those special buckets with grids fixed at the bottom. It is created to ensure every time your rub the wash mit there it will be grit free. Most of the people use two buckets: one to wash the car and another one to rinse it in. This one could be weird but you should use washing up liquid. Skip the car shampoo as it will not strip off the wax that was applied previously. Speakig about waxing here is the fourth thing – never wax your car.

There are people who think that waxing their cars is extra unnecessary faff, but we think that it really helps. It will add a shine to your paintwork and will add an extra cover on the top. Common mistake number 5 says to leave the car to dry naturally. No no no – you should definitely dry it. For the purpose we recommend using a terry towel. If you leave the car to dry naturally in the end you will find those ugly water marks all over the car.

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It seems that cleaning under the wheels arches is something that a lot of people skip and save some time. You should clean all places, not only those you can see. You should always spend some time cleaning your car under the wheel arches. If you regularly skip this part in the end you will find plenty of rust at these places. The last thing in the list is related to let someone else do the washing. This way you will save some time, but you don’t know how your car is going to be treated.

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