The Moving Fortress Of The President Barak Obama

President Barak Obama LimousineThe Moving Fortress Of The President Barak Obama

President Barak Obama is one of the most powerful people in the world and no wonder that he owns such a ride, called “The Beast”. This moving fortress vehicle is made of aluminium, steel, ceramic and titanium. There is probably not a better-armored vehicle that have windows on the planet, its armor is said to be approximately 8 inches thick and the doors of “The Beast” weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757. This car is impenetrable by bombs and bullets. It weight around 8 tons and it consume 3.7 miles to the gallon.

It is a Cadillac-badged limo usually named as Cadillac One or “The Beast”. The car is built and designed from scratch only by the Secret Service for a cost of approximately 1.5 million dollars. In the garage of the headquarters of the Secret Service there are parked in a total of 12 cars like this one. All of them are held under surveillance 24/7. If the president of the State goes on a travel, minimum 2 of these moving fortresses go with him. Right next to the 2 limos are placed an ambulance and more than 40 armed vehicles.

All of the car parameters are being classified – like weight, top speed, bulletproof technology, etc. but the above said specifications are not far from the truth. A steel plate is located underneath “The Beast” that protects the president against bombs and grenades and the tires are specially designed – puncture-resistant and Kevlar-enforced. The cabin of the car is completely sealed and protected in a case of any biochemical attack. Only the driver’s window opens by 3 inches.

The trunk of the car is equipped with oxygen supply, containers of the blood of the president and firefighting equipment in case of emergency. The gas tank of the car is also specially designed that it won’t explode even in a case of a direct hit. There is a night vision camera and tear gas cannons installed in the front bumper of the vehicle.

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