The New Nissan S16 Is Finally Coming In 2017 – Nissan Just Confirmed It

2017 Nissan S16

The New Nissan S16 Is Finally Coming In 2017 – Nissan Just Confirmed It

The last Nissan S14 240SX was sold off a dealer’s showroom in Los Angeles about 17 years ago. It was 1999 when this last brand new Nissan 240 was given to its owner. Nissan ended the production 4 years later because the platform lived on in Japan as S15 Silvia. 2002 marked the end of this epic platform. The S platform was replaced by the new sports ride – 350Z. The last couple of years were sad to all those American 240 fans. The new 350Z was never able to fill the hole left by the missing Nissan 240SX.

According to many sources of information and reviewing several reports, Nissan are almost there. The company is planning to unveil their S16 platform at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Show later this year. You could find a lot of images from the past few years showing how the possible monster could look like. It’s a mixture between GT-R and Datsun. Yeah, Datsun. You could find futuristic body lines on the new concept drawn on the famous square body that was applied in the old Datsun days. Now we have the actual renderings of the actual prototype confirmed and released by Nissan.

The new 2017 Nissan S16 is going to be smaller than the last S15. This might be to take on the popular Toyota GT-86 and Mazda Miata. The platform will remain front engined and rear wheel drive coupe.

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In the end there are a total of 5 seats inside the coupe. A standard option will be the LED headlights and tail lights.

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