The Opening Lap Of The Porsche GT3 Cup Started With A Flipped $250,000 Porsche By 17 Year Old Boy

Porsche GT3 Cup Flip

The Opening Lap Of The Porsche GT3 Cup Started With A Flipped $250,000 Porsche By 17 Year Old Boy

It’s always been about the race. The race itself is just part of the whole process – pick up a car, modify the car, test the vehicle, prepare a crew and then it comes the race. It’s a small part of the whole process. The worst that could happen is to prepare for it and to crash during the race. Here we are going to show you one horrible example about how not to start a race.

The event is the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge that took place a couple of days ago in Goiania, Brazil. You will see a young driver who rolled his $250,000 Porsche 9 times. The race track is the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna that features 15 turns and is 2.3 miles long. The driver was actually a 17-year-old boy who got racing in his veins. His name is Pedro Piquet and his father is a well known Formula 1 champion – Nelson Piquet.

His brother is also a professional race driver and a FIA Formula E champion – Nelson Piquet Jr. Most of you would say – what is this guy doing at the track, he is still young and he got no experience. You are wrong. Actually, Pedro won the 2014 Brazilian Formula 3 Championship and he is more than a good and skillful driver. Not so bad for a teenager. That was definitely not his day to race. The accident here happened right after the start during the first lap.


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The problem came from the fact that Pedro’s Porsche came into contact with another Porsche Cup car driven by Ricardo Baptista. The result from this crash was a rolling Porsche – nine times in a row in the air. The other Porsche was not heavily damaged. Pedro received prompt medical attention in the nearby hospital. The young race driver seems to be fine as he already posted a photo from the hospital on Instagram. Pedro Piquet said that he is ready to jump back into the seat and he is not scared at all.

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