The Ricer Kid Is Back – Watch This ‘Shit Muscle Car Guys Say’ Video

Ricer kid is back

The Ricer Kid Is Back – Watch This ‘Shit Muscle Car Guys Say’ Video

When you hear this guy saying those mirrors are so big that you could see everyone in the f@#king back, you know this is not for real. Meet Donnie Lee Jenkins who is going to present his heavily modified American muscle car – Dodge Challenger. The car is painted in a subdued but classy blue or grey. But from the very beginning the guy would like to say a few words about his Dodge Charger… LOL!

He states that the is a SRT8 edition and it’s real fast, so he is going to show us some of the details and the modifications that he did on this car. Let’s start with side mirrors – these mirrors are not factory sized mirrors. The ones installed here are 12% more aerodynamic more than the factory. The got a tear drop shape, so they could split the air when you drive fast. The second thing is the fender badge that says ‘100 Dodge Est. 1914’. You might don’t know what this stands for, but this ricer kid is going to explain us.

The number ‘100’ stands to say that only 100 vehicles like these are produced. Est is for ‘Extra Sporty Tram’ and the ‘1914’ is showing the amount of horsepower that we have under the hood. The guy honestly doesn’t give a f**k about the brakes, but he is going to say a few words – actually, you don’t need brakes to go fast. When he goes to a race track going with 250 MPH he doesn’t need those brakes as he got a couple of parachutes on the back for this case.

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He feels like he shoots the parachutes and he will be fine. Then the guy moves back in front of the car starting with the lower lip. Its basic function is to recreate a down force on the front of the car. When he goes to a drag strip he is always trying to pop wheels as this car got 1914 horsepower. Then he points to the ‘Challenger’ badge and simply says – that’s a typical Charger badge… LOL.

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