The Scariest Truck Fall: Truck Overloaded With Logs Falls Off A Cliff

truck falls off a cliff

The Scariest Truck Fall: Truck Overloaded With Logs Falls Off A Cliff

That was a long way down! While watching the video you will hear the wreckage rolling 30 seconds after going falling off the cliff. The reason for this truck fall is overloading. Nowadays the normal things like climbing down and helping the driver are gone. What’s happened to the people? Now the first thing when you see something wrong or scary is to get it on video! That’s the first reaction nowadays. Right after that people start to think what happened and how they could help actually. Basically it’s not a cliff but a slope. The reason could be all those clowns walking on the way of the truck in the first place.

If all these guys were more careful the truck could have passed closer to the coach resulting not to slip off the road. It’s all about the driver in such situations. He is the mastermind sitting behind the wheel. It’s like the driver asking the truck ‘Are you ready?’ and the truck’s answer is like ‘Let’s roll’. In the end this could basically happen only in India. The people, their habits, their culture and everything related to this country could make you think that this is possible only there. We hope that the driver had his seatbelt on, as this was quite scary. A lot of truck drivers are like ‘who needs a seatbelt, I’m a professional’.

A lot of guys might be thinking that this is a very strange situation that could occur once in a lifetime, but actually this is a typical journey for the far eastern delivery truck.

2016 Shelby F150

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It’s just the fact that the truck was carrying more lumber that it can handle in the end.

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