The World’s Biggest Wheel Loader Is Powered By 65.0 L Detroit Diesel TurboCharged Engine With 2300HP

L-2350 Wheel Loader

The World’s Biggest Wheel Loader Is Powered By 65.0 L Detroit Diesel TurboCharged Engine With 2300HP

We consider this article to be one of the most interesting and most informational that we have ever uploaded on The Le Tourneau Inc. is a company manufactures the Biggest Wheel Loader in Texas and holds the Guiness World Record for this 2300 horsepower beast. The idea of this giant machine is to load gold, copper, coal and other minerals as well. The machine is named Letouernau L-2350 and Paul L. Griffin who is the product manager at LeTourneau Inc. will give us some more information about it.

This hell of a monster is powered by a 16-cylinder 65.0-liter Detroit Diesel TurboCharged Engine with the insane output of 2300 horsepower. That’s enough to move the machine that holds the Guinness World Record for Biggest Earth Mover. Let’s give you some numbers: the operational weight here is 258 tons, the engine output is 2300 horsepower, you could choose between two engines – 16 cylinder 65.0-litre Detroit Diesel engine or 16 cylinder 60.0-litre Cummins Diesel engine.

Both of these engines output 2300 horsepower. The hydraulic lifting payload is exactly 72 tons, the standard bucket is 53 yd3, the fuel tank is 3974.68 litre. The hydraulic system takes around 1320 litre of hydraulic oil. The tires are the biggest ones that are available for sale on our planet. They are created specially for this one from Firestone – 70/70-57 SRG DT. The tire is 13 feet tall, over 5 feet wide and is considered to be the largest tire in the world.

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The engineers worked for more than 2 years to design the L-2350. Their goal was to build a machine capable of lifting 50% more of its predecessor. Everything related to this machine is huge. We could take the front radiator that has a capacity of 150 gallons of coolant. What about the fuel consumption? When the machine is out there working it consumes around 50 gallons per hour.

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