The World’s New Fastest Car Is A Bad 1700 HP Ford GT Doing 283 MPH

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The World’s New Fastest Car Is A Bad 1700 HP Ford GT Doing 283 MPH

For quite a while the Bugatti Veyron was the absolute ruler in the world of fastest produced cars. But now that time is over, as there is a new sheriff in town. It’s called Ford GT Bad and it is officially the fastest car in the world. This Ford GT Bad stole the title from the Veyron, setting a new Guinness World Record at incredible 283.232 mph! Isn’t that something remarkable!?

For a long time, the title of the world’s fastest car is coming back to our home soil, and that’s all thanks to the man who is owner of the Performance Power Racing, Johnny Bohmer. He also is the guy that drove this tremendous 1 700+ horsepower’s Ford GT Bad. His top speed of an unbelievable 283.232 mph was just the perfect result for setting a new Guinness World Record for fastest produced car in the world. The place where this legendary moment happened is the NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway (pretty suitable, right?)

This amazing Ford GT set the record in the Standing Mile, what that means is that, the car starts from a dead stop, and accelerates through the one mile mark. And what you can see from this video is how it looks like to be behind the steering wheel of this amazingly fast Ford GT Bad!

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Take a look at the video below and see how does this Ford breaks the record for the fastest car in the world from a Standing Mile, and feel free to tell us your thoughts about it in the comment section below! This insane vehicle features a 50k engine under the hood and is running on the dyno. The car is created by the team of Performance Power Racing. The purpose was to re-set the Guinness world records for fastest standing mile-street car. The made it real with running this car with a speed of 283.232 MPH.

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