There’s Always A Way – Man Collected $140,000 In Coins At A Petrol Station To Buy A New Car

man pays with $140,000 in coins for new car

There’s Always A Way – Man Collected At A Petrol Station To Buy A New Car$140,000 In Coins

If you have a dream, never stop working for it. Like this Chinese guy who works at a petrol station. He had a dream to buy a new car for a long time and now it has happened as he hoped for. A dream came true – he walked into a Shenyang dealership and now he is a proud owner of a new vehicle. He paid for it with $136,000 in coins and $4,000 in notes. The guy explained that he managed to collect the coins from buses that stopped to refuel at the gas station. A long long time ago he decided that he could save them up for a new ride.

The Chinese man actually paid with 660,000 yuan in coins and 20,000 yuan in notes. The man went to the dealership with a truck with all the money. In the end after the staff members managed to count them and pile up, the coins weighed about four tonnes. When the coins were piled up they were over 13 ft tall. It took ten members to arrange the payment process. All the money were diligently weighed and counted. We are not quite sure how staff would react if the same man tried to buy a car at an Australian dealership. In the end the company was very happy to accept the money from Mr Gan.

This is not the first time when someone in China decides to pay a hefty sum by using the heavier version of currency. A couple of months ago a man paid for a new apartment in the capital of Shaanxi Province in central China with one hundred one-yuan coins. It’s pretty much the same when Samsung tried to pay Apple $1 billion in coins after loosing a legal battle.

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If you have a dream, you should always do something to make it come true one day.

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