They Are So Confused In This Drive-Thru Prank – How Would You React?

drive thru prank

They Are So Confused In This Drive-Thru Prank – How Would You React?

There is one amazing thing related to the Internet world – the funny videos. We could watch all kinds of funny videos in our day. We have seen a lot of videos with the classic skeleton. This one is the latest idea of this type of pranks – it’s called driver’s swap trick. This could be easily realised on unsuspecting fast food workers as a latest in this series of jokes. In addition if the girl on the front seat is a beautiful girl then things are going to really mess up.

What is actually this prank? Basically there is one guy who places a small order. He is driving a van and the beautiful lady is also inside hiding from the unsuspecting fast food workers. When the guy collects his food he requests one more small thing in addition. And then comes the magic. The guy changes his seat with the lady who was hiding in the back of the car. The beautiful blonde girl is now sitting behind the wheel while the fast food workers have their backs turned.

While watching this video you will see a lot of hilarious reactions. You should definitely check all of them out. Most of the stuff are like what is really happening here. There was a guy in this car and now… Then Gaby who is the blonde lady simply states that there was no other guy and she placed the order at first place.

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The guy is now back with a new prank video as he was away for a while. It’s pretty awesome watching all those people wonder what did just happened. There was one guy like ‘I guess Christmas came early for you guys this year’ as someone in front of you just paid for your order.

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