Hilarious! This Biker Boy Is Like I Just Bought These Reflective Turn Signals To Avoid The Police Radars

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This Biker Boy Is Like I Just Bought These Reflective Turn Signals To Avoid The Police Radars

That’s it – our guy is back and this time he rides a motorcycle. We are going to watch ‘Shit Sport Bikers Say’ and if you guys know any bikers, you could reach them to confirm some of his words. The bike owners are always trying to improve their motorcycles, no matter how unimportant stuff they just bought. These guys would like to make their bikes much faster and more race inspired.

But at the end of the day it sounds ridiculous when the bikers are trying to convince someone that the eBay muffler really sounds great. Let’s get back to our guy and his Suzaki Kitana. He says that his bike is really nice and he would like to show us some of the modifications that he did on this bike. If you have ever wondered what this ‘600’ sticker stands for, this guy got the answer.

What does this stand for is 600 horsepower in this motorcycle. Our next stop – the aftermarket pegs. They are really strong and this bought them, so he could fit fat bitches on the back. He has also modified the chain, he put a Husqvarna chain that it’s pretty much a weight reduction. Moving on with the rear spoiler. It is made from a 100% flexing fibreglass and it keeps you more aerodynamic when you go for a ride on the highway.

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There is one significant modification and it is related to the blinkers. This guy has modified the rear blinkers by adding reflectors in them to avoid the police radars. The police practically cannot catch him when he goes really fast. The muffler he got from eBay and it is supposed to be made of a 100% aircraft aluminum, so it’s really light weight. Here is the last thing that we will mention and you could find all the modification in the video on our next page.

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