This Chinese Electric Car Looks Pretty Much Like Tesla’s Model S

Chinese Tesla clone Le Car

This Chinese Electric Car Looks Pretty Much Like Tesla’s Model S

There is only one thing where people around the world could knock the Tesla Model S – the price. This particular model ‘crashed’ Consumer Reports’ rating system. As you might already know, the electric sedan price starts at $71k. When fully loaded it easily tops six figures. The last production from Tesla – Model X SUV could be yours for $143k. As the cars are so expensive, the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, promised to launch a smaller and more affordable vehicle in 2017.

Model III will start at $35K sticker price. On the other side of the planet in China, a crop of Chinese automakers are developing a near carbon copy of the Model S with the intention to sell it for significantly less than the real Tesla. In this country the non-union labor remains cheap and most of the new technologies around the world are still manufactured in China. So, there are guys in this country that feel ready to undercut Tesla.

There are and were a lot of Chinese companies trying to fight companies like Tesla and Range Rover. It’s time – meet the clones. Its name is Le Car. Jia Yueting is the man sitting behind this the scenes of this project. He is actually the billionaire behind China‚Äôs top-selling smart TV and a phone. The car is going to be ready for the Beijing auto show in April, 2016. Got all the technologies from Tesla and the style from the European hypercars.

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The car got no side mirrors that means it will feature cameras everywhere in the vehicle. Tony Nie is the guy who leads the project, as a founder of Lotus Engineering and he had hired 600 to help him develop the car. Some of this guys came from companies like BMW, Tesla, General Motors. The price is still something that no one wants to share with us, but the company states pricing will be ‘very competitive’.

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