This Is How A Gas Nozzle Does The Work

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This Is How A Gas Nozzle Does The Work

We are going to have a look at a daily task that most of us probably do. It’s all about pulling up to a gas station. The next step is to grab the pump and fill up your tank with fuel. Nothing new for most of us. Have you ever wondered how that fuel goes from the pump through the nozzle and into your tank. All gas nozzles’ mechanism is pretty much the same and it was designed a long time ago. One thing should be clear here – there is no camera inside the nozzle hooked to a CPU. It’s all mechanical and ingenious.

Don’t feel bad for not knowing this stuff – we didn’t either. We watched this mesmerizing video in order to get familiar with the gas nozzles’ mechanism. The Husky Corporation out of Mizzouri is a small company that produces fuel pump nozzles. Its president Grenville Sutcliffe is the guy who sat down to explain the wizard magic engineering behind it. When it comes to gas nozzles – it’s all vacuum and pressure. It’s a combination of air and fuel to keep the filling process into your car. On the top of the nozzle you could find a small hole that is eventually covered by gas when the proper fill level is reached. When reached the hole shuts off the flow of air, which closes a diaphragm and the flow of fuel is stopped.

Once you have a closer look at the nozzle mechanism, it all makes a lot more sense. Grenville Sutcliffe (president of The Husky Corporation) goes further into detail showing how a newer gas nozzle handles pre-paid fill-ups as well.

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Let’s give you something to think about it – you’ve got a small pipe with suction being applied at one end, so the air could flow through the pipe easily.

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