This Is Spiken Mike Spinning Around In His 30″ Rims Of A Shiny Escalade

Cadillac Escalade 30 Inch Rims

This Is Spiken Mike Spinning Around In His 30″ Rims Of A Shiny Escalade

Today we are going to have some fun and for that purpose we prepared for you one Hello crazy trick performed by who else than, Spiken Mike! Once again he is performing something silly just to make all of us laugh and get his 5 minutes of glory. For this trick Mike decided to become a wheel! You are asking how? He just grabbed a 30 inch rim and didn’t let go and during that time the Escalade was in motion! He looks like a human tire or hubcap if you like!

You can observe this video from two different aspects. The fun side we just spoke about, where Mike performs his crazy and impressive trick. And the second one, which I believe most of you noticed, are the amazing rims of this beautiful Cadillac Escalade, which looks like it was just taken out from the Cadillac store!

Are you brave enough to perform this trick? Aldo it seems easy, we believe for you to do two spins and not let go, you will need a lot of muscle power to make it happen. Enough talking, here is the crazy stunt performed be Spiken Mike.

Actually this could be performed by any man who could afford to buy those rims and the Escalade, of course. Everyone who could waste this huge amount of money on 30 inch rims and the tires, could do this. It’s not such a big stuff to get inside this huge rim and spin around with 5 MPH on the streets. He calls this trick a ‘stunt’, but we doubt that this is the correct word in this case. It’s far far away from a stunt, but it is definiteyl something crazy to do with you shiny truck and your big rims.

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