This Is The End For All Your Tire Issues – The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF Airless Radial Tire

Michelin tweel tire

This Is The End For All Your Tire Issues – The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF Airless Radial Tire

The name of the model of the last tire designed by Michelin is simply unpronounceable. The Michelin X TWEEL® TURF™ is an airless radial tire that you are not going to find in the primary tire shop in your neighbourhood. The latest innovation from Michelin is going to be sold with the new John Deere ZTrak™. Sounds a little weird but let’s give you some more details about the product. The latest tire from Michelin is really a single unit. And by single unit we mean that you are not going to need rims for this kind of tire. Michelin X Tweel Turf is designed to supplant the whole tire – wheel – valve concept. It’s really going to make your life easier and end all your tire issues.

All you have to do is to put them on your ride and forget about the normal problems. Meet the insane tire that never goes flat. In other words this means that Michelin completely eliminated one of the biggest headaches in the world of tires – the flat tires. Currently, the tires will be sold only with the latest John Deere ZTrak™ 900 B, M, R Series mowers. We hope that this is just a test stage and pretty soon we will have the same tires for cars. We truly believe that Michelin didn’t spend million dollars to develop a tire for… landmower!?! The whole concept was born back in early 2000’s but it looks like it is now being marketed again.

There is only one thing that bothers us – the radial structure of the tire. What would happen if you leave your car standing still for a day or two?

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Will the tire keep its shape or the radial structure will change the shape of the tire.

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