This Is Why You Should Never Leave Your Motorcycle Engine Running While Filling Gas

motorcycle gas station explosion

This Is Why You Should Never Leave Your Motorcycle Engine Running While Filling Gas

This 53-year-old man is lucky to be alive after this terrible petrol station explosion. He should thank the guy who ran to help him and get him out of the flames. It’s not a footage from a Hollywood movie. It happened a couple of days ago when a motorcyclist decided to fuel his bike while keeping its engine running at the Chevron off of Trickum Road, Marietta. The reason for this accident that took place in Cobb County Thursday morning according to the police, the man had the gas pump handle set to auto-fill.

There are two things that are wrong in this situatuin – the man left the engine running while filling the gas tank. Another man at the petrol station saw that fuel was pooling by his motorcycle for some reason and the middle-age man didn’t see that. In the next moment everything was in flames – the motorcycle and the biker caught fire after his motorcycle ignited at the pump. Billy Houston who was nearby helped the burning man get out of the danger zone. He actually brought the 53-year-old man out of the flames.

The good Samaritan took him to the grass and covered him with a coat to stop the flames. The whole picture was terrible – the old biker boy was on fire and he was panicking. He was screaming while trying to crawl away from the fire. According to the firefighters, the quick actions from Billy Houston might have kept the lower body of the burning guy and the fire from spreading past the biker’s legs.

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The injured man was airlifted to Grady Hospital with the guy who helped him. The second guy, Billy Houston received burns to his hands and was later transported to Cobb hospital for treatment. The 53-year-old man received substantial burns in the lower body and it appears that he didn’t have any burns to his face. This biker is a very lucky man for having these two guys who saved his life. The biker had fallen down in the flames and it was a matter of time the worst to happen.

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