This Snowmobile Tries To Drag Race Against A Ferrari F430 Spider And Ferrari 458! Can you believe it?

Snowmobile drag race

This Snowmobile tries to drag race against a Ferrari F430 Spider & Ferrari 458! Can you believe it?

We are sure that you have seen many drag races, and maybe you have attended some, but we are really sure that not everyone has seen this kind of drag race like you will see in the following video! The drag races are usually for great speeds, fun, lots of smoke and the sound of the roaring engines. The races like in the following video, lack some of the elements that we mentioned here, but you should wait to watch this race, because it is a unique and special.

The video that we will present here contains two drag races between two Ferrari cars and a Snowmobile. In the first race, we can see how the snowmobile is racing against the Ferrari F430 Spider and in the second race he is racing against the Ferrari 458 Spider. Maybe you think that this is a little strange and that there is no room for a snowmobile between these cars, but you should see its performance. The snowmobile wins the first race!

Can you believe it? We are so surprised to see this vehicle on the asphalt. The Ferrari 458 Spider managed to learn the lesson while watching the first race, and he didn’t allow the snowmobile to win the race, although the fact that it was so close to victory

If you ever wondered if snowmobiles are capable of running on the asphalt without snow, you should go on our next page to watch the video. In the video that we are going to show you you will find out how quick those machines could be. The snowmobile in the video footage is from a Varano de’ Melegari racetrack in Modball Rally 2015. You could barely imagine when the snowmobile appeared at the start of the track was waiting to race against a Ferrari.

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