This Supercharged 1970 Pontiac GTO Will Not Pass By Without Being Noticed

Supercharged 1970 Pontiac GTO

This Supercharged 1970 Pontiac GTO Will Not Pass By Without Being Noticed

This time we are going to see a video about a 1970 Pontiac GTO. To say that this car really stands out in a crowd from other Pontiacs and Pro street cars is an understatement and now you are going to see why. It is interesting to see how two blowers are stacked one on top of the other. They are huge-by-large rear meats, and there is an hallucination-inducing hue. This vehicle has been a real treat to curiosity seekers. Even before the GTO was finished the buzz was extreme especially on the Internet.

The engine of this car is supercharged not once , but twice. This car has a double blower. The supercharger on top is an 8-71 and the one below it is a 6-71. Though two blowers on top of each other are not the most efficient in terms of pure performance, they do get you noticed everywhere you go, and that was the owner’s intention from the beginning.

The owner also installed an elaborate intercooling system using an air-to-water Super Chiller intercooler under the blower, which is fed cool water from a 10-gallon aluminum tank mounted between the wheel tubs inside the Pontiac. The system uses a Jabsco pump to circulate water from the tank through a separate radiator mounted up front, after which it’s run through the intercooler and returned to the tank.

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The car`s front section is the first thing that strikes you, but you cannot neglect the paintjob and the interior as well. It is painted with a PPG Orange Glow on a silver base, whereas the interior is Allante Buckskin.

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