To All The Great Car Lovers Out There, Do You Want To See ‘Christine’ Again Coming To Life?

Plymouth Fury Christine

To All The Great Car Lovers Out There, Do You Want To See ‘Christine’ Again Coming To Life?

Guys love moves about cars. Some of these moves are less famous than others, but this does not make them less great. On the contrary some of these less popular moves contain even more interesting details and more fascinating stories than the more ‘popular’ ones. For example if you remember the classic from 1983 ‘Christine’ based on Stephen King’s novel and directed by John Carpenter you must know what I am talking about.

The car in this movie is a Mopar Plymouth fury from 1958. In the movie the story, set in 1978, follows a sentient and violent automobile named ‘Christine’. The car has an evil mind and it is being possessed or cursed. Its previous owner was obsessed with the car ‘Chrstine’ and ended up dying in it. The new owner is a nerdy teenager who brings the car back to life doing an extensive repairments and changing the car from a scratch.

But changing the car changes him, it makes him arrogant and mean so the car’s evil spirit very soon starts to show its true face again. It presents a true hazard to the people around it making their lives miserable.

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If you want to be reminded how this Mopar’s beauty rises from the dead into a awesome red 1958 Plymouth fury see this short animated film and once again enjoy the ride. The video is made probably by some of Carpenter’s fans that could not forget about the beautiful, stunning ‘Christine’. This move has made a strong impression in the mind of car lovers.

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