Top 10 Brake Replacement Tips That Many People Overlook

10 Brake Replacement Tips

Top 10 Brake Replacement Tips That Many People Overlook

Тhe guy who filmed this video will share his top tips that people typically overlook when changing their brakes. The first tip states to work with your car, not against it. When you work on your brakes and you are about to remove the bolt on the back side that holds the caliper, turn the steering wheel. It gives you more access and it makes your life a lot easier.

The second tip is always to grease the guide pins. Just remove the little rubber boot, take a towel and clean it off. Then you have to make sure to use silicone paste on these. The silicone paste won’t damage the rubber boot. This is a commonly forgotten thing. Tip number 3 is to never let the caliper dangle by the brake line when you take it off. This way you put too much stress and pressure on the brake line.

The brake line is not designed to hold the weight of the brake caliper. We suggest you to use a rope and tight it somewhere. Tip #4 is to clean the brake rotor with brake clean before you install it. The oil coating on the top is put to prevent the rotors from rust. When you take off your old brake rotor, take a wire brush and clean the hub from the rust. Then you could add Anti-Seize to make sure that next time when you change the brakes you will take the old rotors very easy.

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The next tip is related to cleaning the caliper pistons from the dust. This should be done before you compress the piston in. You could get a paper towel and clean around the rubber boot and below it. It might be easier if you crack the bleeder valve on the top of the caliper when compressing the piston. You could use one way bleeder to prevent air from getting into the system. The next tip – buy pads with warning indication. Finally you should hit the rotors one more time with brake clean.

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