TOP 12 Insane Drag Race Videos – Unbelievable Drag Races of All time !!!

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TOP 12 Insane Drag Race Videos – Unbelievable Drag Races of All time !!!

Have you ever watched drag races like this including F1 cars, tanks, fighter planes, trucks, supercars, superbikes and many more? 7 minutes full of incredibly cool and excitingly enjoyable drag race videos. Drag racing as a sport is actually a very popular way of having fun with all kinds of vehicles. That’s why there are millions of enthusiasts from the four corner of the earth. If you are looking for some fun or you are one of these enthusiasts, you are going to like this video. In the very beginning you are going to see a drag race between tanks – Strv 122 Vs Strf 9040.

It’s not something that you could see on the track every day. The second video is about a drag race between a snowmobile and a Ferrari F430 Spider. You might not believe it, but the snowmobile actually wins this one. If you see a VW Bug and Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 on the line – which one you will pick as your favourite? The same VW Beetle is going to race against a Nissan GT-R. The little VW is just as fast as a rocket. Between the videos you are going to see the fastest VW Golf I on the planet. It’s going to be a battle between VW Golf Mk1 1056HP Vs Yamaha R1 182HP.

The next one is a 2015 Kawasaki H2R Vs 1350HP SPE Nissan GT-R.

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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Watching a farm truck Vs Lamborghini is just amazing. On the top of that the Lambo is going to lose this one.

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