Transformers On The Streets: Heavy Machinery Fight In China

Transformers heavy machinery fight China

Transformers On The Streets: Heavy Machinery Fight In China

This is how to solve a contract dispute between two construction companies. In the video that you are going to see you will find six articulated front loaders in a real battle on the streets of Hebei, China. This is not part of a movie or filming a commercial. This one is for real. Things like this could happen only in China. All these heavy machinery are on the street duking it out Transformers style. This is the first time we see resolving a dispute like this. On the other hand this could be a reasonable way to resolve a dispute. Heavy machinery fights – in the end in China could organize a sport like this.

Watching six articulated front loaders on the streets in such a shocking battle is something that you cannot see everyday. The battle was between two construction-material companies. It all happened on Sunday when the workers got on the street. In the beginning it was about screaming, but then in the battle were involved knives and pellet guns. It seems that this was not enough as the guys got sports utility vehicles (SUVs) involved at some point. In the end as you could see front loaders marked the end of this high-pitched battle. There were several guys hurt and lots of construction equipment damaged last Sunday.

If you are willing to know the names of those companies, here they are – Jianwen Concrete Plant and Xinghua Concrete Plant.

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The video is really shocking so you should watch it very carefully.

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