The True Definition Of Insanity – Ferrari Enzo Inspired Jet Car

Ferrari jet engines

The True Definition Of Insanity – Ferrari Enzo Inspired Jet Car

This guy is cleared to take off. This thing is literally insane. It looks like a Ferrari Enzo but it is a true dragster on the road. You can’t pay me to get in that piece of automobile art. The guy who built this is a genius. If you still wonder who is the guy behind this project – a resident of Canada Ryan McQueen. The Canadian craftsman built this Ferrari-looking machine with jet engines Most Viral Compilation. In the end this super car replica Ferrari Enzo took the guy to build it exactly 12 years and 90 thousand dollars.

This insane project is equipped with two aircraft engines Rolls-Royce. The nickname of the car is Insanity (“Madness”). Ryan McQueen started building this vehicle back in 2004. It all started after he had visited Jet cars racing in Edmonton. Right after that he sold his Chevy Corvette and bought two jet engines at a public auction. In the very beginning it was very hard to him to start as he had no idea about the engineering. He didn’t even know what is a welding machine and how to use it. Creating the outer body panels and the look of the Ferrari took him two years.

After he had the outlook and all the panels ready, he spent five years preparing the metal structure.

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The total weight of “Insanity” is 1723kg and the top speed of this ride is 400 MPH.

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