Truly a Monster Race – 3000+ HP Cadillac Vs 3000+ HP Corvette

monster race 3000+ hp Cadillac vs 3000+ hp Corvette

Truly a Monster Race

Have you ever seen what happens when 6000 plus horsepower clashes on the track? The Cadillac and the Corvette , they are both shooting for the win in this 6000 plus horsepower drag shootout, even though they are manufactured under the same principle. Both cars, with excellent hp, muscle look and great design, has done something worth watching.

Let us say, The Cadillac Twin Turbo is designed to achieve new thresholds of refinement and specific output for the brand’s new prestige luxury class. This Twin Turbo is the only six-cylinder engine to combine turbocharging with cylinder deactivation and stop/start technologies to conserve fuel. Cadillac expects the combination to enhance fuel economy by up to an estimated 6 percent. Cylinder deactivation temporarily deactivates two of the cylinders in light-load driving conditions to enhance efficiency and seamlessly reactivates them when the driver demands full power. With the stop/start system, it is shut down in certain driving conditions such as stop-and-go city driving to reduce fuel consumption, automatically restarting when the driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal.

Chevrolet ignited the passion of performance enthusiasts who desired high performance, sharp handling and killer looks, that’s is all how we described the Corvette.

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With insane horsepower and monster torque, the APS High Output System elevates the Corvette performance enthusiast exclusively into the pilot’s seat of the supercar owner’s club.

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