Try To Guess Dom’s New Ride For The Upcoming Fast 8

Fast 8 Dom's Ice Charger

Try to Guess Dom’s New Ride For The Upcoming Fast 8

Briefly we would like to present you Dom’s next American muscle ride for the upcoming Fast 8. It’s just like going to a freak show – a true beast on a frame and wheels. You should definitely hear the sound of this monster. We believe that this is the same classic 68″ Charger he drove in the previous Fast and Furious movie. Pretty much looks like it but a little bit modified. This time the guys who created this ride definitely had the money to go big. Go Big! If we were to start a project we would rather go with an 811 HEMI with a Lenco tranny. What do you guys think about that?

Wow – what a monster on wheels!!! Fast and Furious 8 ( Fast 8) Dom’s Ice Charger pretty much looks like a wrap for Dub Show! In the video on our next you are going to have a closer look at Dom’s Ice Charger. Yes, that’s it. The car is going to be featured in Fast 8. You might be thinking that Ken Block’s team and his sponsor – Monster energy, like Chargers now. When you see it for the first time you will be a little confused – is this hell of a ride jet propelled, or does a turbine drive the wheels? When you listen to the sound of the car, it sounds like an engine.

Wide body, engine in the back of the car, plastic windows, insane performance numbers – this is a short list with the Dominic Toretto’s Ice Charger specifications.

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We are still true fans of FF series and that’s why we are so keen to find out more about this car.

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