Trying To Load 1958 Chevy Apache Truck With No Brakes When This Happened

truck loading fail

Trying To Load 1958 Chevy Apache Truck With No Brakes When This Happened

One of the coolest things about Internet is the fail videos there. We have seen a lot of loading fail attempts but this one is unique it its own way. You might be thinking that loading your old truck onto a flat bed truck would be an easy task. If you follow the instructions on the Internet it’s all about lining the truck up. Then you should take it real slow and load it. In real life we got so many cases – pushing the gas pedal to the metal, falling vehicles from the flat bed truck and many more.

This is a good example showing the most careless way to load a vehicle on a flat bed truck. It is painful to watch but luckily it was not heavily damaged. The vehicle here is a 1958 Chevy Apache truck.

Now you are going to laugh again in front of your PC or your mobile phone with those guys and their follies. When watching the first part of the video all seems to be going as planned when suddenly the driver found out that the brakes on the truck didn’t work.

Ricer kid is back

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At this point the truck rolled off of the back of the trailer while one guy was trying to stop it somehow. The old truck slammed on to the ground with no significant damage. We hope that their second attempt was better than this one.

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