Tug of War Between RC LOSI 5ive T Car And Vauxhall Astra

Tug of war rc car vauxhall

Tug of War Between RC LOSI 5ive T Car And Vauxhall Astra

The tug of war or rope war, is a way to put two vehicles to compete directly against each other. The initial aim of the game was to compete people. Basically two groups of people are going to battle each other by standing on the rope endings. The main idea is to test the power of each other. Today we will show you one interesting tug of war. Here we have a small 26cc RC car by Losi with hi-performance petrol engine 5IVE T, and a real Vauxhall Astra H Van that weighs 1265 kg.

What do you think – is the small RC car capable of pulling a real family vehicle? We have this tiny RC Adventures Losi 5ive-t 26cc featuring a petrol engine. On the other hand we have a massive 1265kg 888 converted Astra Van. You could see all the scene in details as the guy who filmed this was using Sony HD-R TD10 camcorder -1080 50i HD.

While watching the video you might notice someone is behind the car trying to push it. We could not say for sure if the video is fake and the RC car could really pull the Vauxhall.

The owner of the video said that he will do a remake video and this time he is going to walk around the cars filming. He says that this is for real as he spent a lot of time learning physics. It’s all about the rope and the best position for the rc car. If you could calculate those the Losi would pull a car with ease. Check out the video here to see who will win in this tug of war.

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