Unbelievably China Built A Bridge In Less Than 48 hours!

China built a bridge in 43 hours

Unbelievably China Built A Bridge In Less Than 48 hours!

We have seen China’s expertise in electronics and household products. So, now here is a video which will blow your mind away. If you remember Carmageddon, LA’s massive freeway widening project that was supposed to paralyze the city? (It didn’t.) The demolition of a single overpass alone took an entire weekend. Earlier this month, a major Beijing overpass was demolished and completely replaced in less than two days. The Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing is a major arterial on one of the city’s ring roads and would have taken up to two months to replace using traditional methods, according to Shanghaiist. This kind of construction can save cities time, money, resources, and, most importantly, a whole lot of headaches.

While the demolition of the old bridge was more or less through conventional methods, the new overpass was brought in as a single prefabricated unit. Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing was torn down only to be retrofitted in mere 48 hours. The refurbishment of Beijing’s Sanyuan Bridge, or Sanyuanqiao started at 11PM on November 13, 2015 and the bridge was completely reconstructed with the next 48 hours. The innovation here is using modular road parts, something that engineers have been talking about for a long time.

Unlike building construction, where prefab is becoming a key to sustainable development, we haven’t seen a whole lot of real-world applications when it comes to modularity in transportation projects.

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To replace older surface of the bridge, over 1300 tons of new surfacing was transported to the construction site, so that the traffic is not affected. After which the bridge was thrown open for people.

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