Uncontainable Is A BMX Ride Quest To Feel The Fear

Uncontainable Is A BMX Ride Quest

Uncontainable Is A BMX Ride Quest To Feel The Fear

What if the ramps that you would like to use are so huge that they actually don’t exist? This is the story of Drew Bezanson and his way of riding a BMX. The Canadian rider wanted to drop in higher than anybody else. Year ago he felt like he had reached the point of pushing himself. All contest were using the same level of height for the ramps, so he needed something else – something that did not exist at this time.

Then he created ‘Uncontainable’ – a custom built ramp set-up of shipping containers. That’s the thing that Drew Bezanson was looking for. Now he could test the boundaries of fear on a BMX bike. As he said when this was all done is that his goal was to ride a bike on something that really would scare him. He wanted to push his personal limits to the maximum but he had no place where he could do this. In the end he was pushed to built this scary project.

Fear is something that everyone feel. It’s inside the human DNA and it is related to the survival instinct. The situations where that unpleasant emotion is telling us to walk or even run away. But in the same matter of things we could use our fear to do things that we never thought we could do.

Drew Bezanson built the ramp at a secret location near his hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. He was not alone – a team of enowned ramp builders lead by Nate Wessel were also involved in the project. In the end they had created the a ramp with the biggest BMX obstacles that a true biker could ever ride. They used those enormous shipping containers as they could be easily rearranged and stacked in endless configurations.

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