Urban Assault: A Lifted VW Beetle Makes The City Of San Diego The Ultimate Playground

lifted VW Beetle San Diego

Urban Assault: A Lifted VW Beetle Makes The City Of San Diego The Ultimate Playground

We could only say that this lifted VW Beetle will be the only one we will ever like. This little speed monster is heavily modified and on the top of that – it is equipped with a Redline supercharged LS1 engine. The total power output here is about 800 horsepower. That’s one hell of a way to go wild and draw attention to one’s self. Driving a Beetle around the city is not fun and you won’t get noticed with it. On the other hand if you try to lift it and add a supercharged LS1 engine, we will have the perfect setup for doing that.

There are a few guys capable of driving this beast thought the city making quite a noise. It seems like the driver plays GTA V in real life. In the end we are not quite sure that this guy won’t go to jail for incriminating himself. Vehicle plates, his face – everything like this should be blurred before uploading something like on YouTube. However, we could put a smile on our faces while watching this as we can’t help. Blasting thought obstacles around the city in the most epic way. We got the feeling that this crazy dude made the city of San Diego the ultimate playground.

That do you guys think about this lifted demon ripping up America’s finest city? We definitely like that bug showing off, but we are pretty sure that law enforcement will be having a talk with this guy.

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The wild driver behind the wheel is actually Blake Wilkey. We are not quite sure if the lifted bug is his idea or he was just hired for shooting this film, be we think that the Beetle is too heavy on the rear. The bug might be quicker with a smaller engine with a turbo charger.


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