Have You Used The Bush Winch – Wheel Winch?

the bush winch

Have You Used The Bush Winch – Wheel Winch?

The Bush Winch is a kind of a tool – a light weight self-recovery system. You could install and use it on 4WDs and 2WDs. It’s very simple to use it – all you have to do is to simply connect the Bush Winch to the front or rear wheels of your ride. How it works – again simple – you have to attach the winch rope to the Bush Winch. The second step is to put the anchor point to the other wheel, so the winch rope could wind onto the Bush Winch as the wheel spins. Sounds easy, right? It doesn’t matter if you go backwards or forwards. You have to use the Bush Winch until you are pulled onto firm ground again. Right after that just take the Bush Winch off. There is a kit bag where you could store everything. The self-recovery system connects and disconnects simply by hand. You don’t need extra tools and the winch rope is very strong, soft to touch and easy to handle.

It’s pretty much an old method of recovering dual rear wheel trucks. We talk about the past times where there was no information and we were not concerned with safety. When the driver removes the outer tires from the rims and puts two cables, it’s pretty much the same. The vehicle then would simply run out driven by the remaining inner tires and hauled by the cables. Bear in mind that these vehicles were designed this way – to have dual rear wheels. There are a lot of similar products available on the market. One of the competitors is selling a product as a single device not as a pair.

In the end this is a great idea and something very useful especially when it comes to 2WD vehicles.

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This system pretty much copies all 4wd situations, but got one advantage. You are able to run the vehicle forward or backwards. It doesn’t matter.

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