Very Impressive – Professional Truck Driver Parks 53 Foot Trailer Into A Tiny Gap

Truck driver parking

Very Impressive – Professional Truck Driver Parks 53 Foot Trailer Into A Tiny Gap

For all you truck lovers, here is something that will impress you, all you have to do is see this footage!!! Here in the States we have really great hard workers when it comes to trucks and drivers! That is because not everyone can drive a truck, as this job requires great driving skills and concentration when you are out on the open road.

Yet, this job is not so desired in our beloved country! Day by that the trucking business is growing big, and there is always a deficit of drivers. Therefore, the people who are out on the road every single day are improving their driving skill a day at a time! Someone of you may doubt their skills, as some people say “The only thing they do is just drive straight in one lane”.

And if you think the same, you are very wrong. We are going to prove you the opposite, take a look at the video that we have provided and see what real driving skills are. All of us who are unfamiliar with parking trucks should take notes. That’s how we should get the buggy into a hole. On the other hand if you do it almost every day, it’s going to be quite easy for everyone. According to case the truck driver should back up little and then go out and look. Then the real driver should repeat this step a couple more times until he put that big boy into the spot.

This very skillful truck driver has a beautiful yellow Peterbilt truck, and for sure will impress you with as he jackknifes his 53 foot long trailer! He needed more than a minute and a half to park his long trailer in the parking space! Nevertheless, he only managed to do it in only one attempt, without worrying about bumping it or making damage to other vehicles nearby! This is simple elegance!

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