Vin Diesel Confirmed Release Dates For Fast And Furious 9 And 10

Vin Diesel Confirmed Release Dates For Fast And Furious 9 And 10

How long the Fast and Furious series will continue? That’s a question that pretty much most of us are looking for its answer. Now it has finally been answered. Vin Diesel posted a picture on his Instagram account a few hours ago saying ‘2 Decades 10 Films 1 Saga’. Some time ago the release date for Fast and Furious 8 was announced. The filming for this part is planned to begin this June. Here is a list with all release dates – Fast and Furious 8 (April 14, 2017), Fast and Furious 9 (April 19, 2019) and Fast and Furious 10 (April 2, 2021).

As we said earlier Vin Diesel confirmed all information on his Instagram account. This 10 film ‘saga’ will continue with the ninth and tenth films arriving in 2019 and 2021 respectively. A good name for the last film would be something like ‘Fast10 your seatbelts’. It would be nice just to imagine how all these superstars are going to look like. 5 years is a lot of time. We just hope that there is going to be more to do with vehicles and racing stuff than all these action scenes. They should go back to the very beginning of Fast And Furious.

Do you remember these words – ‘One last ride’? We hope that we are not going to hear such words in the next film. After the last F&F 7 and the flying Lycan Hypersport, there isn’t much left to show us.

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The last film was just too much. The first film was simply the best. That’s all we want to see to improve our car culture.

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